Well, i'm not sure what kind of person i am and in what catagory i belong in according to you... but here's a quote to make up for the information i'm not giving you...
Life, it's like play dough you can shape it however you want but it's not perfect... -ME
I love music, I need it to live and I'm glad I say that I make music myself I play viola and violin :) I only know a little bit of guitar and piano.. If you don't have a reason to smile, then let me the reason, I am always here to listen.


Prisoner Escapee Daily Care cuz why not. Mink’d make a good babysitter and since Aoba’s a cute fuwa fuwa freak he’d be fanboying it. Probably.


Poor Mink has so much gay brats to handle roflmao

DRAMAtical fashion

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Things you can get Noiz to be mature about: Going to Germany and running a multi-million $$ business, turning his life around, and picking Aoba up to be his gay bride, living happily ever after.

Things you can’t get Noiz to be mature about: Koujaku.

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